Settore ERC

PE10_11 - Geochemistry, crystal chemistry, isotope geochemistry, thermodynamics
PE10_13 - Physical geography
PE10_17 - Hydrology, water and soil pollution


  • Hydrogeology

    • Aquifer characterisation by means of hydrogeological investigations and tracer tests
    • Flow models in porous and fissured media
    • Groundwater quantification
    • Hydrogeological studies for mineral and thermal waters
    • Seawater intrusion
  • Environmental Hydrogeology

    • Contaminant transport
    • Groundwater pollution prevention
    • Aquifer and groundwater remediation
  • Climate Change

    • CO2 storage
    • Impact on water availability
    • Impact on water quality
    • Landslide risk
  • Hydrogeochemistry and Isotope Geochemistry

    • Hydrogeochemical characterisation of ground- and spring-waters
    • Geochemical tracers
    • Isotopic characterisation of ground- and spring-waters
    • Isotopic tracers
    • Chemical quality of ground- and spring-waters
  • Stratigraphic Geology, Sedimentary Petrography and Sedimentology, Structural Geology, Geomorphology

    • Sedimentologic, structural and geomorphologic characterisation of aquifer systems
    • Influence of heterogeneity on groundwater flow and transport
  • Applied Geophysics


Prodotti della ricerca

Selected Publications

Cantonati M , Segadelli S, Ogata K, Tran H, Sanders D, Gerecke R, Filippini M, Gargini A, Celico F (2016)
A global review on ambient Limestone-Precipitating Springs (LPS): Hydrogeological setting, ecology, and conservation.

Pittalis, Daniele, Carletti, Alberto, Ghiglieri, Giorgio, Celico, Fulvio (2016)
The influence of hydrogeological properties, seawater intrusion and refreshening on the quality of groundwater used for irrigation in an agricultural coastal plain in North Sardinia, Italy.

Boschetti, Tiziano, González-Hernández, Patricia, Hernández-Díaz, Rebeca, Naclerio, Gino, Celico, Fulvio (2015)
Seawater intrusion in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula (Pinar del Rio Province, western Cuba): effects on karst development and water isotope composition.

Bucci A , Allocca V , Naclerio G , Capobianco G , Divino F , Fiorillo F , Celico F (2015)
Winter survival of microbial contaminants in soil: an in situ verification.

Bucci A, Petrella E, , Naclerio G,, Allocca V,, Celico F, (2015)
Microorganisms as contaminants and natural tracers: a 10-year research in some carbonate aquifers (southern Italy).

Aquino, D , Petrella, E , Florio, T , Celico, P , Celico, F (2015)
Complex hydraulic interactions between compartmentalized carbonate aquifers and heterogeneous siliciclastic successions: a case study in southern Italy.

Emma Petrella, Durante Aquino, Francesco Fiorillo, Fulvio Celico (2015)
The effect of low-permeability fault zones on groundwater flow in a compartmentalized system. Experimental evidence from a carbonate aquifer (Southern Italy).

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Influence of soil on groundwater geochemistry in a carbonate aquifer, southern Italy.

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A Transient Groundwater Flow Model for Evaluating River-Aquifer Exchange.

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Bacterial migration through low-permeability fault zones in compartmentalised aquifer systems: a case study in Southern Italy.

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The Pozzo del Sale Groundwaters (Irpinia, Southern Apennines, Italy): Origin and Mechanisms of Salinization.

Emma Petrella, Fulvio Celico (2013)
Mixing of water in a carbonate aquifer, southern Italy, analysed through stable isotope investigations.

L Stellato, F Terrasi, F Marzaioli, M Belli, U Sansone, F Celico (2013)
Is 222Rn a suitable tracer of stream?groundwater interactions? A case study in central Italy.

Naclerio, G , Nerone, V , Falasca, A , De Felice, V , Celico, F (2011)
Rainwater pH does not influence retention of Escherichia coli cells and Bacillus subtilis spores in pyroclastic soil.

Antonio Bucci, Gino Naclerio, Vincenzo Allocca, Pietro Celico, Fulvio Celico (2011)
Potential use of microbial community investigations to analyse hydrothermal systems behaviour: the case of Ischia Island, Southern Italy.

Gino Naclerio, Antonio Falasca, Emma Petrella, Valentina Nerone, Federica Cocco, Fulvio Celico (2010)
Potential role of Bacillus endospores in soil amended by olive mill wastewater.

Fulvio Celico, Gino Naclerio, Antonio Bucci, Valentina Nerone, Paolo Capuano, Massimiliano Carcione, Vincenzo Allocca, Pietro Celico (2010)
Influence of pyroclastic soil on epikarst formation: a test study in southern Italy.

Emma Petrella, Gino Naclerio, Antonio Falasca, Antonio Bucci, Paolo Capuano, Vincenzo De Felice, Fulvio Celico (2009)
Non-permanent shallow halocline in a fractured carbonate aquifer, southern Italy.

Gino Naclerio, Valentina Nerone, Antonio Bucci, Vincenzo Allocca, Fulvio Celico (2009)
Role of organic matter and clay fraction on migration of Escherichia coli cells through pyroclastic soils, southern Italy.

Gino Naclerio, Gabriella Fardella, Giuseppe Marzullo, Fulvio Celico (2009)
Filtration of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus cereus spores in a pyroclastic topsoil, carbonate Apennines, southern Italy.

Emma Petrella, Paolo Capuano, Massimiliano Carcione, Fulvio Celico (2009)
A high-altitude temporary spring in a compartmentalized carbonate aquifer: the role of low-permeability faults and karst conduits.

Emma Petrella, Fulvio Celico (2009)
Heterogeneous aquitard properties in sedimentary successions in the Apennine chain: case studies in southern Italy.

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Influence of topsoil of pyroclastic origin on microbial contamination of groundwater in fractured carbonate aquifers.

Natural-gradient tracer experiments in epikarst: a test study in the Acqua dei Faggi experimental site, southern Italy.

Fulvio Celico, Paolo Capuano, Vincenzo Felice, Gino Naclerio (2008)
Hypersaline groundwater genesis assessment through a multidisciplinary approach: the case of Pozzo del Sale Spring (southern Italy).

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Updating of a DRASTIC-based Method for Specific Vulnerability Assessment in Carbonate Aquifers.

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Unusual behaviour of epikarst in the Acqua dei Faggi carbonate aquifer (Southern Italy).

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Hydrogeological behaviour of some fault zones in a carbonate aquifer of Southern Italy: an experimentally based model.

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Verification of a DRASTIC-based Method for Limestone Aquifers.

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Influence of Precipitation and Soil on Transport of Fecal Enterococci in Fractured Limestone Aquifers.

F Celico, I Musilli, G Naclerio (2004)
The impacts of pasture- and manure-spreading on microbial groundwater quality in carbonate aquifers.

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