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PE10_5 - Geology, tectonics, volcanology


The laboratory is equipped with a three sandbox capable of reproducing compressive, gravitational and mixed type systems.


The reproduction of geodynamic contexts of compressive type (orogenic
wedges ) is realized through the use of a movable wall connected to a motor, able to deform the model with variable speeds from a few mm / h as several cm / h

The gravitational systems (extensional margins) are played by the slope of the crystal base of the sand box, up to a maximum of 20 °.


With special construction techniques, we can reproduce mixed systems (compression + extension), systems in which there are faults (normal faults, reverse, slip), flower structure, pull-apart basins etc.

Facilities available on Analogue Modelling lab "Elisabetta Costa":

Rheometer  Anton - Paar MCR 302 with MRD

Viscosimeter-  Fungilab Smart series

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