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PE10_1 - Atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric composition, air pollution
PE10_9 - Biogeochemistry, biogeochemical cycles, environmental chemistry
PE10_10 - Mineralogy, petrology, igneous petrology, metamorphic petrology
PE10_11 - Geochemistry, crystal chemistry, isotope geochemistry, thermodynamics


The Mineralogy and X-ray diffraction lab group explores the crystal chemical and physical behaviour of minerals and their synthetic analogues in the environment, with a focus on sustainable practices and material sciences. Besides, the X-ray laboratory offers a service for analysis of crystallographic samples to researchers in broad sense, and to the external committents.

The X-ray Diffraction Laboratory is currently equipped with a Bruker D2 PHASER diffractometer.

D2 BRUKER.JPG upload_Cattura2.JPG

The technical charachteristics are:

Geometry:  Theta/Theta
Max. useable angular range: -3 to 160° 2theta
Accuracy: ±0.02°
Achievable peak width: <0.05°
Alignement: not needed, factory aligned
X-ray wavelength: Cu, standard ceramic selected tube
X-ray generation: 30 kV/10 mA
Radiation level: <<1mSv/h
Detector: 1-dimentional LYNXEYE
Sample motion: spinner
Instrument type: portable, desktop
Exterior dimension: 61x60x70 cm
Weight: 95kg
Power supply: 90-250V
External cooling water supply: None
Computer: Built in, addition PC connected with LAN
Interface: 2 USB and 1 LAN


Experimental analyses are aimed at identifying crystalline phases in pure materials and complex mixtures; semi-quantitative estimates and quantification of identified components can be made by means of several methodological approaches, including the Rietveld method. In particular typical uses of the D2 PHASER can be:

  • Geological material identification
  • Characterization of synthetic materials
  • Clay minerals
  • Pigments identification and quantification
  • Cement phases quantification
  • Crystal structure refinement
  • Pharmaceuticals


The DIFFRAC.SUITE software package - provides wide opportunities of automated pre-processing of powder diffraction data collected on a Bruker diffractometer and qualitative and quantitative phase analysis; clarification of some of the structural characteristics of the material, such as unit cell parameters, etc.

The GSAS-EXPGUI software is a powerful way of full-profile analysis by the Rietveld method, which allows specifying the structure of known substances as well as solving and refining structures of the new compounds and minerals according to the powder diffraction data.


Facility access

To request the opportunity to register on calendar (username and password) or to plan long period of measurement please contact Prof. Mario Tribaudino

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Prodotti della ricerca


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