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Bucci A, Petrella E, Celico F, Naclerio G (2017)
Use of molecular approaches in hydrogeological studies: the case of carbonate aquifers in southern Italy.

Zanini, Andrea, Petrella, Emma, Sanangelantoni, Anna Maria, Angelo, Letizia, Ventosi, Beatrice, Viani, Luca, Rizzo, Pietro, Remelli, Sara, Bartoli, Marco, Bolpagni, Rossano, Chelli, Alessandro, Feo, Alessandra, Francese, Roberto, Iacumin, Paola, Menta, Cristina, Racchetti, Erica, Selmo, Enrico Maria, Tanda, Maria Giovanna, Ghirardi, Marco, Boggio, Pietro, Pappalardo, Francesco, De Nardo, Maria Teresa, Segadelli, Stefano, Celico, Fulvio (2019)
Groundwater characterization from an ecological and human perspective: an interdisciplinary approach in the Functional Urban Area of Parma, Italy.

Rizzo, Pietro, Petrella, Emma, Sanangelantoni, Anna Maria, Ghirardi, Marco, Celico, Fulvio, Tanda, Maria Giovanna, Zanini, Andrea (2019)
An interdisciplinary approach to evaluate the Natural Attenuation as potential remediation action.

Hernandez-Diaz, R , Petrella, E , Bucci, A , Naclerio, G , Feo, A , Sferra, G , Chelli, A , Zanini, A , Gonzalez-Hernandez, P , Celico, F (2019)
Integrating hydrogeological and microbiological data and modelling to characterize the hydraulic features and behaviour of coastal carbonate aquifers: A case in western Cuba.

Leonelli, Giovanni, Celico, Fulvio, Petrella, Emma, Francese, Roberto, Chelli, Alessandro (2019)
Integrating GIS and tree-ring techniques for characterizing surface movements of landslides in the Northern Apennines: challenges, strengths and limitations at the Carobbio study site.

Raimondo, Melinda, Chelli, Alessandro, Celico, Fulvio, Iacumin, Paola, Petrella, Emma (2019)
Hydrogeological and isotopic investigation to define the hydrological behaviour of a complex landslide: a case study in the Northern Apennines (Italy).

Petrella, Emma, Chiari, Arianna, Segadelli, Stefano, Celico, Fulvio (2019)
Hydrogeological and isotopic characterization of an ophiolite aquifer (Monte Zirone, Northern Apennines, Italy).

Petrella, Emma, Raimondo, Melinda, Chelli, Alessandro, Iacumin, Paola, Celico, Fulvio (2019)
Monitoring system to define the hydrological behaviour of a complex landslide: a case study in the Northern Apennines (Italy.

Remelli, Sara, Petrella, Emma, Chelli, Alessandro, Conti, Federica Delia, LOZANO FONDON, Carlos, Celico, Fulvio, Francese, Roberto, Menta, Cristina (2019)
Hydrodynamic and Soil Biodiversity Characterization in an Active Landslide.

Raimondo, M , Chelli, A , Celico, F , Petrella, E (2019)
Hydrological behaviour of a complex landslide: a case study in the Northern Apennines (Italy).

Feo, A , Zanini, A , Petrella, E , Hernandez-Diaz, R , Celico, F (2019)
Analysis of the saltwater wedge in a coastal karst aquifer with a double conduit network, numerical simulations and sensitivity analysis.

Feo, Alessandra, Zanini, Andrea, Petrella, Emma, Celico, Fulvio (2018)
A Python Script to Compute Isochrones for MODFLOW.

Chelli, Alessandro, Zanini, Andrea, Petrella, Emma, Feo, Alessandra, Celico, Fulvio (2018)
A multidisciplinary procedure to evaluate and optimize the efficacy of hydraulic barriers in contaminated sites: a case study in Northern Italy.

Petrella, E , Bucci, A , Ogata, K , Zanini, A , Naclerio, G , Chelli, A , Francese, R , Boschetti, T , Pittalis, D , Celico, F (2018)
Hydrodynamics in evaporate-bearing fine-grained successions investigated through an interdisciplinary approach: A test study in southern Italy-hydrogeological behaviour of heterogeneous low-permeability media.

Petrella, Emma, Bello, Veronica, Iacumin, Paola, Celico, Fulvio (2018)
Multidisciplinary approach to study surface-groundwater interaction in a coastal aquifer (Ravenna, Italy).

Vescovi, Paolo, Chelli, Alessandro, Petrella, Emma, Celico, Fulvio (2017)
Hydrogeological mapping of heterogeneous, multi-layered ophiolitic aquifers (Mountain Prinzera, northern Apennines, Italy).

Segadelli, Stefano, Vescovi, Paolo, Ogata, Kei, Chelli, Alessandro, Zanini, Andrea, Boschetti, Tiziano, Petrella, Emma, Toscani, Lorenzo, Gargini, Alessandro, Celico, Fulvio (2017)
A conceptual hydrogeological model of ophiolitic aquifers (serpentinised peridotite): The test example of Mt. Prinzera (Northern Italy).


Segadelli S, Vescovi P, Ogata K, Chelli A, Zanini A, Boschetti T, Petrella E, Toscani L, Gargini A, Celico F (2017)
A conceptual hydrogeological model of ophiolitic aquifers (serpentinised peridotite): The test example of Mt. Prinzera (Northern Italy).

Pittalis D, Petrella E, Bucci A, Naclerio G , Campari A, Sordella S, Celico F, Zanini A, Boschetti T, Toscani L (2016)
Multidisciplinary investigations for a safe drinking water supply of poor villages, Southern Ethiopia.

Bucci A, Petrella E, Naclerio G, Allocca V, Celico F (2015)
Microorganisms as contaminants and natural tracers: a 10-year research in some carbonate aquifers (southern Italy).

Aquino D, Petrella E, Florio T, Celico P, Celico, F (2015)
Complex hydraulic interactions between compartmentalized carbonate aquifers and heterogeneous siliciclastic successions: a case study in southern Italy.

Petrella E, Aquino D, Fiorillo F, Celico F (2015)
The effect of low-permeability fault zones on groundwater flow in a compartmentalized system. Experimental evidence from a carbonate aquifer (Southern Italy).

Bucci A, Petrella E, Naclerio G, Gambatese S, Celico F (2014)
Bacterial migration through low-permeability fault zones in compartmentalised aquifer systems: a case study in Southern Italy.

Petrella E, Celico F (2013)
Mixing of water in a carbonate aquifer, southern Italy, analysed through stable isotope investigations.

Petrella E (2013)
Analysis of mixing processes in a fractured carbonate aquifer in Southern Italy through stable isotope investigation.

Naclerio G, Falasca A, Petrella E, Nerone V, Cocco F, Celico F (2010)
Potential role of Bacillus endospores in soil amended by olive mill wastewater.

Petrella E, Naclerio G, Falasca A, Bucci A, Capuano P, De Felice V, Celico F (2009)
Non-permanent shallow halocline in a fractured carbonate aquifer, southern Italy.

Petrella E, Capuano P, Carcione M, Celico F(2009)
A high-altitude temporary spring in a compartmentalized carbonate aquifer: the role of low-permeability faults and karst conduits.

Petrella E, Celico F (2009)
Heterogeneous aquitard properties in sedimentary successions in the Apennine chain: case studies in southern Italy.

Naclerio G, Petrella E, Nerone V, Allocca V, De Vita P, Celico F (2008)
Influence of topsoil of pyroclastic origin on microbial contamination of groundwater in fractured carbonate aquifers.

Petrella E, Falasca A, Celico F(2008)
Natural-gradient tracer experiments in epikarst: a test study in the Acqua dei Faggi experimental site, southern Italy.

Stellato L, Petrella E, Terrasi F, Belloni P, Belli M, Sansone U, Celico F (2008)
Some limitations in using 222Rn to assess river?groundwater interactions: the case of Castel di Sangro alluvial plain (central Italy).

Celico F, Petrella E, Marzullo G, Naclerio G (2008)
Integrative measures for protection of carbonate aquifers against microbial pollution in central?southern Italy.

Allocca V, Celico F, Petrella E, Marzullo G, Naclerio G (2007)
The role of land use and environmental factors on microbial pollution of mountainous limestone aquifers.

Celico F, Petrella E, Naclerio G (2007)
Updating of a DRASTIC-based Method for Specific Vulnerability Assessment in Carbonate Aquifers.

Petrella E, Capuano P, Celico F (2007)
Unusual behaviour of epikarst in the Acqua dei Faggi carbonate aquifer (Southern Italy).

Celico F, Petrella E, Celico P (2006)
Hydrogeological behaviour of some fault zones in a carbonate aquifer of Southern Italy: an experimentally based model.

Temi di ricerca

- Comportamento idrogeologico in acquiferi interessati da frane complesse
- Intrusione marina in acquiferi costieri eterogenei;
- Processi di ricarica e deflusso in mezzi porosi, fratturati e carsificati;
- Interazioni tra corpi idrici superficiali e sotterranei in acquiferi porosi;
- Contaminazione microbica in acquiferi carbonatici fratturati e carsificati
- Protezione degli acquiferi
In tutti i casi, la ricerca viene svolta utilizzando un approccio multidisciplinare (indagini idrogeologiche, geochimiche, geochimiche-isotopiche e biomolecolari).

- Hydrogeological behavior in a complex landslide
- Seawater intrusion in heterogeneous costal aquifers;
- Recharge and flow processes in porous, fractured and karstified media;
- Interaction between surface- and ground-water in porous aquifers;
- Microbial contamination of groundwater in fractured and karstified carbonate aquifers;
- Groundwater protection.
In all cases, the research has been and is carried out through multidisciplinary approaches, merging hydrogeological, geochemical, isotopic and biomolecular investigations.

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