• heating/freezing stage LINKAM THMSG 600 (temperature range  -180°/600°C) with software Linksys 32
  • heating/freezing stage LINKAM THM 600 (temperature range  from -180°/600°C) with camera, video and video recording system 



  • N° 2 heating stages LINKAM TS 1500 and LINKAM TH 1500 (temperature range 20-1500°C)

 upload_upload_P1020562a1.JPG upload_P1020565.JPG upload_P1020566.JPG


  • crushing stage




Fluids and/or liquids trapped in the minerals during their growth (primary inclusions) or in a later time as a result of opening and healing of fractures (pseudosecondary and secondary inclusions).



From the microthermometric data it is possible to know: 

  • Composition of the fluid
  • Density of the fluid
  • Trapping temperature and pressure of the fluid/liquid in the mineral

 The fluid composition and density are needed to obtain the trapping conditions (temperature and pressure) of the fluids by softwares that use the MRK equation of states.

 The data obtained from fluid inclusion study are used in many investigation fields.


Examples of fluid inclusions

upload_Incl_Jumilla_1b_ap.jpg upload_CO2a_antartide.jpg upload_3a-3_3_tipo_3_e_2b_CO2_CH4_hond.jpg

Salt inclusions and carbonatic melt inclusions

upload_melt_salino_1_jum.jpg upload_melt_salino2_jum.jpg upload_JM1_tipo2_rosaria_7_27_carbJacu.JPG

Silicate melt inclusions


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