Prof.ssa Francesca Terenziani

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70 publications in main international peer-reviewed journals with impact factor; 21 publications in international journals without impact factor or in peer-reviewed conference proceedings; 3 book chapters.
68 contributions to international conferences, among which 15 oral communications personally presented; 7 invited lectures.

Scopus citation report, May 2021: 90 publications; h-index = 30; 3104 citations.




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Molecular functional materials: linear and nonlinear optical properties, medium effects, intermolecular interactions, charge- and energy-transfer processes.
Characterization of molecular and supramolecular systems with techniques of optical spectroscopy, mainly absorption, luminescence, two-photon absorption.

Multiphoton microscopy (imaging) of biological tissues and materials.

Development of original interpretative and predictive theoretical models for the description of the properties of chromophores and multichromophores of increasing complexity.
Definition of guidelines for the realization of molecular and supramolecular systems with tailored properties.

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