Charge and Energy Transfer in Molecular Functional Materials

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Executive Program of Scientific and Technological cooperation between the Italian Republic and the Republic of India 2017-2019
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Ministero degli Affari Esteri
01/01/2017 - 31/12/2019
Painelli Anna

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The development of molecular functional materials offers the promise for lightweight and environmentally friendly materials, produced and specifically tailored using widely available resources thanks to the powerful approaches of synthetic chemistry. While specific characteristics of the molecular materials may not reach the current performances of best inorganic materials, the possibility of (multi-)functionalities and new applications, opens challenging perspectives to basic and applied research. Molecular photonics and electronics are the fields where molecular functional materials already found wide applications in organic-LED and in solar cells but also in bioimaging as well as in microfabrication (high resolution 3D printing).

Charge and energy-transfer are the basic phenomena that govern the behaviour and properties of functional molecular materials and fundamental research to understand these phenomena, their complex interplay with molecular vibrations, environmental degrees of freedom and intermolecular interactions is the general target of this project. The challenging aim is to unveil the fundamental physics of molecular functional materials and to develop reliable relationships between the supramolecular structure of molecular functional materials and their properties.

Based on the well-recognized expertise of the involved research groups, we will investigate intra and intermolecular charge transfer in molecular crystals, aggregates and supramolecular assemblies via a careful analysis of their spectral properties. The definition of relevant essential state models and their validation against the a wide set of experimental data will offer a reliable basis to understand the physics of molecular multifunctional materials as needed to provide reliable guidelines for the synthesis of new materials with predefined properties and behaviour.

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