Nano2Fun: Nanochemistry of molecular materials for 2-photon functional applications

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European Commission
01/09/2013 - 31/08/2017
Painelli Anna
Terenziani Francesca
Sissa Cristina

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Nano2Fun's main target is the education of a new generation of scientists with a solid multidisciplinary scientific background, a good attitude to team-work in an international environment and a well-developed propensity to exploit advances in fundamental research towards innovative applications. To achieve this ambitious goal, a network of advanced research laboratories operating both in the public and private sectors is proposed where a group of 17 young and brilliant researchers will be trained through research.
Technological development through research and knowledge transfer are the flag-words of Nano2Fun, a multidisciplinary project that will bring the techniques of two-photon microscopy (2PM) and two-photon polymerization (2PP) to their full maturity, allowing their exploitation in commercially and industrially relevant applications.
The precise chemical and photophysical control of the 2PM and 2PP processes at the nanoscale will be achieved through a coordinated effort of 16 teams with well-established expertise in the diverse and complementary research fields of (a) molecular and supramolecular synthesis, (b) advanced optical spectroscopy and photophysics, (c) theory and (d) the 2PM and 2PP technological applications. The effort of the academic research teams will be fully integrated with applied research and development going on in the advanced R&D laboratories of the 5 partners from the private sector in a virtuous loop that will cooperatively enhance the effectiveness of Nano2Fun team. The inherently multidisciplinary character of the research, that spans a full range of disciplines between chemistry and physics, and is precisely located where fundamental research meets commercial and industrial applications, offers an extremely profitable environment for the education of young researcher both in public and private sectors in a lively international environment at the forefront of research.

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