Prof. Alessandro Casnati

Professore Ordinario

Pubblicazioni selezionate

Toma, Lucio, Legnani, Laura, Compostella, Federica, Giuliani, Marta, Faroldi, Federica, Casnati, Alessandro, Sansone, Francesco (2016)
Molecular Architecture and Symmetry Properties of 1,3-Alternate Calix[4]arenes with Orientable Groups at the Para Position of the Phenolic Rings.

Salvio, Riccardo, Volpi, Stefano, Cacciapaglia, Roberta, Sansone, Francesco, Mandolini, Luigi, Casnati, Alessandro (2016)
Upper Rim Bifunctional cone-Calix[4]arenes Based on a Ligated Metal Ion and a Guanidinium Unit as DNAase and RNAase Mimics.

Macerata, Elena, Mossini, Eros, Scaravaggi, Stefano, Mariani, Mario, Mele, Andrea, Panzeri, Walter, Boubals, Nathalie, Berthon, Laurence, Charbonnel, Marie-Christine, Sansone, Francesco, Arduini, Arturo, Casnati, Alessandro (2016)
Hydrophilic Clicked 2,6-Bis-Triazolyl-pyridines Endowed with High Actinide Selectivity and Radiochemical Stability: Toward a Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle.

Salvio, Riccardo, Volpi, Stefano, Cacciapaglia, Roberta, Casnati, Alessandro, Mandolini, Luigi, Sansone, Francesco (2015)
Ribonuclease activity of an artificial catalyst that combines a ligated Cu(II) ion and a guanidinium group at the upper rim of a cone -calix[4]arene platform.

Scaravaggi, Stefano, Macerata, Elena, Galletta, Michele, Mossini, Eros, Casnati, Alessandro, Anselmi, Mattia, Sansone, Francesco, Mariani, Mario (2015)
Hydrophilic 1,10-phenanthroline derivatives for selective Am(III) stripping into aqueous solutions.

Gallego-Yerga, Laura, Lomazzi, Michela, Franceschi, Valentina, Sansone, Francesco, Ortiz Mellet, Carmen, Donofrio, Gaetano, Casnati, Alessandro, García Fernández, José M (2015)
Cyclodextrin- and calixarene-based polycationic amphiphiles as gene delivery systems: a structure?activity relationship study.

Salvio, Riccardo, Cacciapaglia, Roberta, Mandolini, Luigi, Sansone, Francesco, Casnati, Alessandro (2014)
Diguanidinocalix[4]arenes as effective and selective catalysts of the cleavage of diribonucleoside monophosphates.

Bernardi, Silvia, Fezzardi, Paola, Rispoli, Gabriele, Sestito, Stefania E, Peri, Francesco, Sansone, Francesco, Casnati, Alessandro (2014)
Clicked and long spaced galactosyl- and lactosylcalix[4]arenes: new multivalent galectin-3 ligands.

Avvakumova, Svetlana, Fezzardi, Paola, Pandolfi, Laura, Colombo, Miriam, Sansone, Francesco, Casnati, Alessandro, Prosperi, Davide (2014)
Gold nanoparticles decorated by clustered multivalent cone-glycocalixarenes actively improve the targeting efficiency toward cancer cells.

Alessandro Casnati (2013)
Calixarenes and cations: a time-lapse photography of the big-bang.

Michele Galletta, Stefano Scaravaggi, Elena Macerata, Antonino Famulari, Andrea Mele, Walter Panzeri, Francesco Sansone, Alessandro Casnati, Mario Mariani (2013)
2,9-Dicarbonyl-1,10-phenanthroline derivatives with an unprecedented Am(iii)/Eu(iii) selectivity under highly acidic conditions.

M Ciaccia, I Tosi, R Cacciapaglia, A Casnati, L Baldini, S Di Stefano (2013)
One-shot preparation of an inherently chiral trifunctional calix[4]arene from an easily available cone-triformylcalix[4]arene.


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