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The research group is focused on the Genomics and Epigenomics of Eukaryotic organisms. There are several lines of research:
a) Epigenetic modifications in plasma cell-free DNA as a biomarker in human pathologies (ALS, fatty liver pathologies). In collaboration with Matteo Pellegrini (UCLA), Noah Zatilen (UCLA), and Fleur Garton (UQ-Brisbane).
b) Ultrashort cfDNA in healthy and diseased patients. In collaboration with David Wong (UCLA), Matteo Pellegrini (UCLA). 
c) Transcriptomic signatures in human pathologies (intrauterine infections, respiratory pathologies, viral infections). In collaboration with Suhas Kallapur (UCLA), Carlo Ferrari and Paola Fisicaro (UNIPR). 
d) DNA methylation and aging in vertebrates and invertebrates. In collaboration with Matteo Pellegrini (UCLA) and Leon Peshkin (Harvard Medical School)
e) Single-cell and Spatial Transcriptomics

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