Prof.ssa Marina Caldara


Pubblicazioni selezionate

Caldara, Marina, Graziano, Sara, Gullì, Mariolina, Cadonici, Stefania, Marmiroli, Nelson (2017)
Off-target effects of neuroleptics and antidepressants on saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Marina, Caldara (2015)

Rosseels, Joëlle, Van den Brande, Jeff, Violet, Marie, Jacobs, Dirk, Grognet, Pierre, Lopez, Juan, Huvent, Isabelle, Caldara, Marina, Swinnen, Erwin, Papegaey, Anthony, Caillierez, Raphaëlle, Buée-Scherrer, Valerie, Engelborghs, Sebastiaan, Lippens, Guy, Colin, Morvane, Buée, Luc, Galas, Marie-Christine, Vanmechelen, Eugeen, Winderickx, Joris (2014)
Tau Monoclonal Antibody Generation based on Humanized Yeast Models: Impact on Tau Oligomerization and Diagnostics.

Caldara, M, Winderickx, J, Franssens, V (2014)
Protein aggregation in unicellular eukaryotes?. To be published as a contribution to the book: Protein aggregation in bacteria: functional and structural properties of inclusion bodies in bacterial cells.

Billings, Nicole, Millan, Mariaramirez, Caldara, Marina, Rusconi, Roberto, Tarasova, Yekaterina, Stocker, Roman, Ribbeck, Katharina (2013)
The extracellular matrix Component Psl provides fast-acting antibiotic defense in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms.

Caldara, Marina, Friedlander, Ronn S, Kavanaugh, Nicole L, Aizenberg, Joanna, Foster, Kevin R, Ribbeck, Katharina (2012)
Mucin biopolymers prevent bacterial aggregation by retaining cells in the free-swimming state.

Van Rossom, Sofie, Op de Beeck, Ken, Franssens, Vanessa, Swinnen, Erwin, Schepers, Anne, Ghillebert, Ruben, Caldara, Marina, Van Camp, Guy, Winderickx, Joris (2012)
The splicing mutant of the human tumor suppressor protein DFNA5 induces programmed cell death when expressed in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Lieleg, Oliver, Caldara, Marina, Baumgärtel, Regina, Ribbeck, Katharina (2011)
Mechanical robustness of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms.

Vinces, Marcelo D, Legendre, Matthieu, Caldara, Marina, Hagihara, Masaki, Verstrepen, Kevin J (2009)
Unstable tandem repeats in promoters confer transcriptional evolvability.

Smukalla, Scott, Caldara, Marina, Pochet, Nathalie, Beauvais, Anne, Guadagnini, Stephanie, Yan, Chen, Vinces, Marcelo D, Jansen, An, Prevost, Marie Christine, Latgé, Jean-Paul, Fink, Gerald R, Foster, Kevin R, Verstrepen, Kevin J (2008)
FLO1 is a variable green beard gene that drives biofilm-like cooperation in budding yeast.

Caldara, Marina, Dupont, Geneviève, Leroy, Frédéric, Goldbeter, Albert, De Vuyst, Luc, Cunin, Raymond (2008)
Arginine biosynthesis in Escherichia coli: experimental perturbation and mathematical modeling.

Caldara, Marina, Minh, Phu Nguyen Le, Bostoen, Sophie, Massant, Jan, Charlier, Daniel (2007)
ArgR-dependent repression of arginine and histidine transport genes in Escherichia coli K-12.

Caldara, Marina, Charlier, Daniel, Cunin, Raymond (2006)
The arginine regulon of Escherichia coli: whole-system transcriptome analysis discovers new genes and provides an integrated view of arginine regulation.

Temi di ricerca

  1. Genomica, trascrittomica e proteomica per lo studio degli effetti dei nanomateriali su organismi modello (principalmente Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Risposta fisiologica e molecolare e Systems Biology. Determinazione di biomarker di esposizione e resistenza a nanomateriali.
  2. Sistemi molecolari per lo studio della genotossicologia di principi attivi farmaceutici su organismi modello (su lieviti di diversa specie)

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