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  1. Gilea AI, Ceccatelli Berti C, Magistrati M, di Punzio G, Goffrini P, Baruffini E, Dallabona C. (2021) Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a Tool for Studying Mutations in Nuclear Genes Involved in Diseases Caused by Mitochondrial DNA Instability. Genes 12(12) [DOI  PMID]
  2. di Punzio G, Gilberti M, Baruffini E, Lodi T, Donnini C, Dallabona C. (2021) A Yeast-Based Repurposing Approach for the Treatment of Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndromes Led to the Identification of Molecules Able to Modulate the dNTP Pool. International journal of molecular sciences 22(22) [DOI  PMID]
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  4. Figuccia S, Degiorgi A, Ceccatelli Berti C, Baruffini E, Dallabona C, Goffrini P. (2021) Mitochondrial Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase and Disease: The Yeast Contribution for Functional Analysis of Novel Variants. International journal of molecular sciences 22(9) [DOI  PMID]
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  6. Ceccatelli Berti C, di Punzio G, Dallabona C, Baruffini E, Goffrini P, Lodi T, Donnini C. (2021) The Power of Yeast in Modelling Human Nuclear Mutations Associated with Mitochondrial Diseases. Genes 12(2) [DOI  PMID]
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  12. Baruffini E, Ruotolo R, Bisceglie F, Montalbano S, Ottonello S, Pelosi G, Buschini A, Lodi T. (2020) Mechanistic insights on the mode of action of an antiproliferative thiosemicarbazone-nickel complex revealed by an integrated chemogenomic profiling study. Scientific reports 10(1) 10524 [DOI  PMID]
  13. Chin HL, Goh DL, Wang FS, Tay SKH, Heng CK, Donnini C, Baruffini E, Pines O. (2019) A combination of two novel VARS2 variants causes a mitochondrial disorder associated with failure to thrive and pulmonary hypertension. Journal of molecular medicine (Berlin, Germany) 97(11) 1557-1566 [DOI  PMID]
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