Tracing subducted crust in the oceanic mantle with siderophile elements and transition metal stable isotopes and implications for the sources of basaltic volcanism

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DFG - Germania (P.I. Prof. Ambre Luguet, University of Bonn)
Settore ERC
PE10_11 - Geochemistry, crystal chemistry, isotope geochemistry, thermodynamics

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Risultati e pubblicazioni

Montanini, A., Tribuzio, R., Luguet, A., Van Acken, D. (comunicazione a invito) - From crustal protoliths to mantle pyroxenites: a highly siderophile elements and Os isotope perspective from the External Liguride mantle section (N Apennine, Italy). CONGRESSO SGI-SIMP, Catania 12-14 settembre 2018

Van Acken D., Luguet, A., Montanini, A., Tribuzio, R., Daly, J.S. - Pyroxenites as tracers for melt-rock interaction and recycled material in the oceanic mantle. GEOBONN 2018, 2-6 settembre, Bonn (Germania)

Meides, N., Van Acken, D., Luguet, A., Montanini, A., Tribuzio, R. - Sulfide chemistry of pyroxenites from the External Liguride Peridotite Massif, Italy - Implications for melt-rock interactions in the mantle. GEOBONN 2018, 2-6 settembre, Bonn (Germania)

Montanini, A., Tribuzio, R., Van Acken, D., Luguet, A. - An undeformed pyroxenite-peridotite sequence from the External Ligurian ophiolites records multiple events of melt-rock interactions. 3nd EMAW (European Mantle Workshop) Pavia 25-30 giugno 2018.

Van Acken, D.; Luguet, A.; Montanini, A.; Debaille, V.; Tribuzio, R.; Nowell, G.M.; Daly, G.S. Pyroxenites as carriers of isotopic heterogeneity in the oceanic mantle. In GOLDSCHMIDT CONFERENCE ABSTRACTS, PARIS 2017

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