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Pubblicazioni selezionate

Cozza, Davide, Torelli, Anna, Veltri, Alessandra, Ferrari, Michele, Marieschi, Matteo, Cozza, Radiana (2016)
Ultrastructural features, chromium content and in situ immunodetection of the 5-methylcytosine following Cr (VI) treatment in two strains of Scenedesmus acutus M. (Chlorophyceae) with different chromium sensitivity.

Marieschi, Matteo, Torelli, Anna, Beghe', , Deborah, Bruni, Renato (2016)
Authentication of Punica granatum L.: development of SCAR markers for the detection of 10 fruits potentially used in economically motivated adulteration.

Marieschi, Matteo, Gorbi, Gessica, Zanni, Corrado, Sardella, A , Torelli, Anna (2015)
Increase of chromium tolerance in Scenedesmus acutus after sulfur starvation: Chromium uptake and compartmentalization in two strains with different sensitivities to Cr(VI).

Rolli, Enrico, F , Brunoni, Marieschi, Matteo, Torelli, Anna, Ricci, Ada (2015)
In vitro micropropagation of the aquatic fern Marsilea quadrifolia L. and genetic stability assessment by RAPD markers.

Anna Torelli, Matteo Marieschi, Renato Bruni (2014)
Authentication of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) in different processed, retail products by means of SCAR markers.

M MArieschi, A Torelli, R Bruni (2012)
Quality Control of Saffron (Crocus sativus L.): Development of SCAR Markers for the Detection of Plant Adulterants Used as Bulking Agents.


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