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Graziano, Sara, Gullì, Mariolina, Marmiroli, Nelson (2017)
Development and validation of a SYBR-Green I Real-Time PCR test to detect Mytilus species in foods.

Graziano, Sara, Gullì, Mariolina, Marmiroli, Nelson (2017)
Detection of allergen coding sequences of kiwi, peach, and apple in processed food by qPCR.

Montanini, L, Smerieri, A, Gullì, M, Cirillo, F, Pisi, G, Sartori, C, Amarri, S, Bernasconi, S, Marmiroli, N, Street, M E (2016)
miR-146a, miR-155, miR-370 and miR-708 are CFTRdependent, Predicted FOXO1 Regulators and Change at Onset of CFRDs.

Giovanna Visioli, Mariolina Gulli', , Nelson Marmiroli (2014)
Noccaea caerulescens populations adapted to grow in metalliferous and non-metalliferous soils: Ni tolerance, accumulation and expression analysis of genes involved in metal homeostasis.

Caldara M, Graziano S, Gulli M, Cadonici S, Marmiroli N. (2017) Off-target effects of neuroleptics and antidepressants on Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology [DOI  PMID]

Montanini L, Smerieri A, Gulli M, Cirillo F, Pisi G, Sartori C, Amarri S, Bernasconi S, Marmiroli N, Street ME. (2016) miR-146a, miR-155, miR-370, and miR-708 Are CFTR-Dependent, Predicted FOXO1 Regulators and Change at Onset of CFRDs. The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism 101(12) 4955-4963 [DOI  PMID]

Graziano S, Gulli M, Maestri E, Marmiroli N. (2016) The global effect of exposing bakers' yeast to 5-fluoruracil and nystatin; a view to Toxichip. Chemosphere 145 470-9 [DOI  PMID]

Farnedi A, Rossi S, Bertani N, Gulli M, Silini EM, Mucignat MT, Poli T, Sesenna E, Lanfranco D, Montebugnoli L, Leonardi E, Marchetti C, Cocchi R, Ambrosini-Spaltro A, Foschini MP, Perris R. (2015) Proteoglycan-based diversification of disease outcome in head and neck cancer patients identifies NG2/CSPG4 and syndecan-2 as unique relapse and overall survival predicting factors. BMC cancer 15 352 [DOI  PMID]

Gulli M, Salvatori E, Fusaro L, Pellacani C, Manes F, Marmiroli N. (2015) Comparison of drought stress response and gene expression between a GM maize variety and a near-isogenic non-GM variety. PloS one 10(2) e0117073 [DOI  PMID]

Bignami F, Pilotti E, Bertoncelli L, Ronzi P, Gulli M, Marmiroli N, Magnani G, Pinti M, Lopalco L, Mussini C, Ruotolo R, Galli M, Cossarizza A, Casoli C. (2012) Stable changes in CD4+ T lymphocyte miRNA expression after exposure to HIV-1. Blood 119(26) 6259-67 [DOI  PMID]

Pafundo S, Gulli M, Marmiroli N. (2011) Comparison of DNA extraction methods and development of duplex PCR and real-time PCR to detect tomato, carrot, and celery in food. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 59(19) 10414-24 [DOI  PMID]

Samson MC, Gulli M, Marmiroli N. (2010) Quantitative detection method for Roundup Ready soybean in food using duplex real-time PCR MGB chemistry. Journal of the science of food and agriculture 90(9) 1437-44 [DOI  PMID]

Pafundo S, Gulli M, Marmiroli N. (2010) Multiplex real-time PCR using SYBR(R) GreenER for the detection of DNA allergens in food. Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 396(5) 1831-9 [DOI  PMID]

Marmiroli N, Maestri E, Gulli M, Malcevschi A, Peano C, Bordoni R, De Bellis G. (2008) Methods for detection of GMOs in food and feed. Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 392(3) 369-84 [DOI  PMID]

Gulli M, Corradi M, Rampino P, Marmiroli N, Perrotta C. (2007) Four members of the HSP101 gene family are differently regulated in Triticum durum Desf. FEBS letters 581(25) 4841-9 [DOI  PMID]

Malatrasi M, Corradi M, Svensson JT, Close TJ, Gulli M, Marmiroli N. (2006) A branched-chain amino acid aminotransferase gene isolated from Hordeum vulgare is differentially regulated by drought stress. TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik 113(6) 965-76 [DOI  PMID]

Peano C, Bordoni R, Gulli M, Mezzelani A, Samson MC, Bellis GD, Marmiroli N. (2005) Multiplex polymerase chain reaction and ligation detection reaction/universal array technology for the traceability of genetically modified organisms in foods. Analytical biochemistry 346(1) 90-100 [DOI  PMID]

Peano C, Lesignoli F, Gulli M, Corradini R, Samson MC, Marchelli R, Marmiroli N. (2005) Development of a peptide nucleic acid polymerase chain reaction clamping assay for semiquantitative evaluation of genetically modified organism content in food. Analytical biochemistry 344(2) 174-82 [DOI  PMID]

Peano C, Samson MC, Palmieri L, Gulli M, Marmiroli N. (2004) Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the genomic DNA extracted from GMO and non-GMO foodstuffs with four different extraction methods. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 52(23) 6962-8 [DOI  PMID]

Maestri E, Klueva N, Perrotta C, Gulli M, Nguyen HT, Marmiroli N. (2002) Molecular genetics of heat tolerance and heat shock proteins in cereals. Plant molecular biology 48(5-6) 667-81 [PMID]

Treglia AS, Gulli M, Perrotta C. (2001) Isolation and characterisation of a cDNA for a novel small HSP from sunflower suspension cell cultures. DNA sequence : the journal of DNA sequencing and mapping 12(5-6) 397-400 [PMID]

Quarrie SA, Gulli M, Calestani C, Steed A, Marmiroli N. (1994) Location of a gene regulating drought-induced abscisic acid production on the long arm of chromosome 5A of wheat. TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik 89(6) 794-800 [DOI  PMID]


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