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Laboratory of Designer Bio-Artificial Systems and Technologies 

In Nature, information is processed, stored and transmitted via dynamic biomolecular interactions, communication systems and transformative pathways. Integrating the governing principles of the biological world with chemistry, materials engineering and nanotechnology allows for designing multiscale technologies with unique properties.

The goal of the lab is to devise and develop bio-artificial systems where information processing inspired by chemistry, biology and nanotechnology enables new form and function. 



The main areas of interest/application are:

- Bionalytical chemistry and novel biosensing technologies;

- Functional materials for biomedical applications;

- Bio-supramolecular chemistry and artificial biomolecular networking.



  Alessandro Bertucci, PhDupload_85F6C81C-5916-4A89-A3CF-7B78E72829E7.JPG

  Assistant Professor - Principal Investigator







  Ilaria Vasini

  Master Student (Biology)


  Project: Exploring artificial DNA motifs and their application in biosensing






Reference sources:

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Rossetti, M., Bertucci, A., Patino, T., Baranda Pellejero, L., & Porchetta, A. (2020)Programming DNA‐based Systems through Effective Molarity Enforced by Biomolecular Confinement. Chemistry–A European Journal


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Bertucci, A., Porchetta, A., & Ricci, F. (2018). Antibody-templated assembly of an RNA mimic of green fluorescent protein. Analytical chemistry, 90(2), 1049-1053.


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