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2021. Bernardini S, Bellatreccia F, Columbu A, De Waele J, Millo C, Jovane L, Sodo A, Vaccarelli I, Pellegrini M, Jurado V, Del Gallo M, Saiz-Jimenez C. Morpho-Mineralogical and Bio-Geochemical Description of Cave Manganese Stromatolite-Like Patinas (Grotta del Cervo, Central Italy) and hints on their paleohydrological-driven genesis. Frontiers in Earth Science. Accepted


2021. Columbu A, Calabró L, Chiarini V, De Waele J. Stalagmites: from science application to museumization. Geoheritage 13: 1-11.


2021. Surić M, Columbu A, Lončarić R, Bajo P, Bočić N, Lončar N, Drysdale R, Hellstrom J. Holocene hydroclimate changes in continental Croatia recorded in speleothem δ13C and δ18O from Nova Grgosova Cave. The Holocene 31: 1401-1416.


2021. Sauro F, Fellin MG, Columbu A*, Hauselmann P, Borsato A, Carbone C, De Waele J. Hints on the Late Miocene evolution of the Tonale-Adamello-Brenta region (Alps, Italy) based on allochtonous sediments from Raponzolo cave. *Corresponding Author. Frontiers in Earth Sciences 9: 411.


2021. Boschin F, Columbu A*, Spagnolo V, Crezzini J, Bahain J, Falgueres C, Benazzi S, Boscato P, Ronchitelli A, Moroni A, Martini I. Human occupation continuity in southern Italy towards the end of the Middle Palaeolithic. A palaeoenvironmental perspective from Apulia. *=corresponding author. Journal of Quaternary Science. In print.


2021. Ghezzi D, Sauro F, Columbu A, Carbone C, Hong P, Vergara F, De Waele J, Cappelletti M. Transition from unclassified Ktedonobacterales to Actinobacteria during amorphous silica precipitation in a quartzite cave environment. Scientific Reports 11: 1-17


2021. Columbu A, Audra P, Gazquez, D’Angeli I, Bigot J Y, Koltai G, Chiesa R, Yu T L, Hu H M, Shen C C, Carbone C, Heresanu V, Nobecourt J C, De Waele J. Hypogenic speleogenesis, late stage epigenic overprinting and condensation-corrosion in a complex cave system in relation to landscape evolution (Toirano, Liguria, Italy). Geomorphology. 376:107561.


2020. Columbu A, Chiarini V, Spoetl C, Benazzi S, Hellstrom J, Cheng H, De Waele J. 2020. Speleothem record attests to stable environmental conditions during Neanderthal–modern human turnover in southern Italy. Nature Ecology and Evolution. 4: 1188-1195.


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2020. Sauro F, Mecchia M, Tringham M, Arbenz T, Columbu A, Carbone C, Pisani L, De Waele J. 2020. Speleogenesis of the world’s longest cave in hybrid arenites (Krem Puri, India). Geomorphology, 359: 107-130.


2019. Columbu A, Spötl C, De Waele J, Tsai-Luen Y, Shen C C, Gazquez F. 2019. A long record of MIS 7 and MIS 5 climate and environment from a western Mediterranean speleothem (SW Sardinia, Italy). Quaternary Science Reviews, 220: 230-243.


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2019. Columbu A, Drysdale R, Hellstrom J, Woodhead J, Cheng H, Hua Q, Zhao J, Montagna P, Pons-Branchu E, Edwards L. 2019. U-Th and radiocarbon dating of calcite speleothems from gypsum caves (Emilia Romagna, North Italy). Quaternary Geochronology 52: 51-62.


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2018. Columbu A, Sauro F, Lundberg J, Drysdale R, De Waele J. 2018. Palaeoenvironmental changes recorded by Southern Alps speleothems (Piani Eterni karst system, Belluno, Italy) during four different interglacial to glacial climate transition. Quaternary Science Reviews, 197: 319-335.


2018. Sauro F, Cappelletti M, Ghezzi D, Columbu A, Hong P-Y, Zowawi H.M, Zannoni D, Carbone C, Piccini L, Vergara F, De Waele J. 2018. Microbial diversity and biosignatures of amorphous silica deposits in orthoquartzite caves. Scientific Reports, 8 (1): 1-14.


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2017. Columbu A, Drysdale R, Capron E, Woodhead J, De Waele J, Sanna L, Hellstrom J, Bajo P. 2017. Early last glacial intra-interstadial climate variability recorded in a Sardinian speleothem. Quaternary Science Review, 169: 391-397.


2017. De Waele J, Piccini L, Columbu A, Madonia G, Vattano M, Calligaris C, D’Angeli I, Parise M, Chiesi M, Sivelli M, Vigna B, Zini L, Chiarini V, Sauro F, Russell D, Forti P. 2017. Evaporite karst in Italy: a review. International Journal of Speleology, 46(2): 137-168.


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2013. Columbu A, Banks V, De Waele J, Cooper A, Jones P. 2013. Tufa deposits in the Via Gellia, Derbyshire. Mercian Geologist, 18 (2).

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